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We are a fast-growing off-shore software development company with local and foreign customer base. We have served over 30 clients in various categories including website designing, health care, research, hotel, HR, Speech recognition and many other. Our client base includes large scale factories like Euro Global Maldives, large scale companies like Lotic Bige (Papua New Guinea) and US film companies like Cinq-Mars Media which is belong to an award nominated producer. For our healthcare application, we received number of preferred facilities from Microsoft as well.

Android Development

By living in this era where everything is done via mobile, we make sure our clients are not missing out. Our team is experienced with the smallest simple app to the complex medical app which connects with secured cloud servers. With our knowledge of mobile security and latest technologies, what we deliver will be in best quality.

Web Development

With the experience in creating applications from simple to complex, we understand the scope, technology, limitations and foresight the enhancements. With these knowledge, we can build your application with the best industry practicesand bring it to life. We normally develop with Java but we can change the language on request.

Web Designing

We understand that web is the key to reach and find new clients. We study your business model, understand your competition and apply the design science into your website. We can design it with WordPress or from scratch with HTML, CSS etc as your requirement.

Technical Research

One of our most favorite things, doing research. We won MIT events and invented patent-able technologies because of this skill. Having a name for research, we are famous for speech recognition and computer vision. We are also ready to help you when the technology is limiting the capabilities of your app but you want to break the barriers anyway.

Digital Marketing

Do you want to make your business visible in internet? The competition is tough, the best digital marketing always come from places where they have both technical and digital marketing skills. Also, the digital marketing can only be success if the marketing company really and honestly expect the client to be success and treat the project as one of their own. That is where we come in.

Consultation Services

Everyone need some help from time to time, including software development teams. Our most experienced members are ready to share their years of knowledge and experience which is gained by lot of complex work, including patent-able products. Sometimes it’s easy to get this help to decide your program architecture, security and even fix issues.

API Development

This is something we always do at office, because we have our own APIs too! You might have an app which need to connect with a server via a secured REST API or you might want some tasks wrapped into an API so it is easy for your developers to call methods. That’s great, give us a sound!

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We are located in Sri Lanka, serving clients worldwide. Shoot us an email, give us a call, or fill out our Project Brief if you’re interested in getting started.

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