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Web Application Development

A web app is a software application which can be accessed by using a web browser. Within the last couple of years, web applications has shown a wide growth compared to desktop applications, due to its ease of use. They are accessible through the internet, can be deployed quickly, almost no installation need from the end user and can reside in some secured remote location instead of your computer.

Web application development is one of our main areas of development. We develop all types of web applications including HRM applications and modules, financial portfolio management systems, data entry systems, EHR/ EMR (Electronic health records/ Electronic medical records), fitness applications and any other requirement you want us to work on.


What can we do for you?


How much room you have in your software to amend future business changes without completely re building it? This is the basic and high-level understanding of what scalability means. The architecture of the application should allow this scalability and our experienced team will make sure it will be done in that way.


Web applications are normally a very good target of hacking, bot attacks, data theft and illegal user access. Reasonable actions should be taken to avoid these issues. We will work with you to handle these scenarios.


Most web applications are connected to various internet based services like custom made APIs or 3rd party APIs. Also the current trend is to host the web applications in a remote secured server like Azure or Amazon to reduce the service cost and avoid heavy server installation costs. These platforms contain various services which will benefit the user from various ways. We develop applications to take maximum advantage from these services, that fits for your project.

App Speed

Fast loading applications are required for the business environment to smoothly run the business. Delays in web page loading will slow down the efficiency of the workforce. We understand this and develop fast loading web applications.

Regulations and Standards

Sometimes applications need to be implemented according to certain regulations from authorities. For an example, medical apps may need to follow HIPPA standards and regulations and we are already experienced in implementing these. Just like this there can be various regulations and standards that affects your business and you want to add into the app. We can discuss with you and implement these if there is any.

What happens after the app development?


Application is yours. We handover all the rights to you after the development. This includes usernames, passwords etc as well.

App guide book

Our apps are very easy to use, so you may not even need a guide book. However, if you require one, we will give you a very informative app guide book.

On-going Support

We provide optional ongoing support service, including a service based on an agreed maintenance agreement.