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Web Designing


In this global market, one of most important thing is to make your business visible to your audience. Not like in early days, with the advance of technologies and usage of internet, people are willing to reach the products and services they want on their comfort. When they need a product or a service, the first thing they will do is browsing the internet via a search tool like Google, searching for a suitable place to buy what they want. Then they will start visiting the websites that appeared as a result of their search, to find more information about the offerings. Sometimes when customers know about your business, they will directly come to your website to check more offerings and updates about what they need.

The above is why you exactly need a website to your business, to make sure your customers can find you easily and to attract more customers looking for same type of products and services you offer.


Customer Friendly Service

We are professionals in web designing and we know how to design websites which can take your business to the world. We value the quality of our work, over how many projects we can complete in a month. Due to this reason, we dedicate large amount of hours with our clients listening to them, understanding the requirement, making required changes and developing unique quality websites. From the other hand, we really love to see the business growth of our clients, so we don’t think twice to provide them guidance on writing quality write-ups for their websites, advices on selecting images and videos for content and many other. Also every website we design is targeted to reach the specific client base.

We always try to provide the best quality services to our clients including unique services that others do not offer. This is all because we just don’t want to be your website designer, but want to see how the website is helping you to grow your business. Below are some great things you can have from us when designing a website.


Responsive and Cross Browser Compatible

All of our websites are responsive and cross browser compatible. That means the website will work on all major web browsers without issues (including Google chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and it knows how to adjust it self when the device screen size changes. So basically, when your customers are looking at your website using different web browsers, everything will be fine and nothing broken. Also if they use a computer to view the website, they will see the PC version of it; if they use a mobile or a tablet to view site, they will see the mobile version of the website and so on.

Content Upload and Support

We handover you a complete and up to date website, with content. This is not a service you can get from most of the other web designing companies. The reason is, content uploading to a site takes time and normally subjected to couple of changes to the content which others do not like to handle. But in our case, we consider it as a service and make sure it is one of our main priorities. Why would someone hire a website designing company which only design the layout, don’t even care how the website can help the customer’s business and leave all the content uploading homework to the customer?

Sometimes clients provide us very little content, which describes their services/products in a very brief way. We have also worked with clients who provided content for their web pages, but missing all the important points about what they want to say. Sometimes clients provided us content and write-ups which are not user friendly and search engine friendly. In all of these cases we knew it can harm their business, reputation and appearance on internet. Therefor we advised our clients on writing good, quality, user friendly and search engine friendly content. Sometimes we went the extra mile by writing some page text /content all by ourselves for free of charge, so they can follow the same when providing remaining content.


Security is something we seriously consider as important. We do not work with any web hosting company, so we do not force our clients to host their websites in a one given place; instead we suggest best hosting companies or cloud systems based on the website’s nature. We also implement security measures based on the website and its nature.

WordPress or HTML 5

We are ready to design your website either in WordPress or HTML5, you are free to choose. If you don’t know what to select, don’t worry we will help you. Our team is equally experienced on designing websites on HTML5 and WordPress, so you will not even notice by looking from outside.

At this moment if you are thinking what will work best for you, here are some small tips. We are giving these tips by omitting the technical jargon as much as we can, so it is easy to understand.

WordPress is the most famous content management system and websites can be developed quicker compared to HTML5. In WordPress you will get a dashboard where it facilitates you to change the content of your webpages  by yourself, while in HTML5 such need to be done with HTML language. In WordPress you can quickly and more effectively select a theme and work on it, or build a theme, compared to HTML5.  Finally, nowadays WordPress is provided off the shell by most web hosting vendors so you can have a quick star,. but there are some more work to do with HTML 5.

Social Media Accounts and Integration to Website

If you are newly starting your business and do not have social media accounts yet, well, you should have it. Your social media accounts will expose your business to your target audience, if you know how to use them correctly for the purpose. Anyway, we can create and handover your new social media accounts to you, free of charge. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. We will also make sure to integrate your social media links to your website, if you need them.

Search Engine Optimized

The websites we design and develop are friendly for the search engines. We will advice you about what content we need from you to make the site search engine optimized and what designs we can use to achieve the same.

What happens after the app development?


Website is yours. We handover all the rights to you after the design. This includes usernames, passwords etc as well.

On-going Support

We provide optional ongoing support service, including a service based on an agreed maintenance agreement.